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Walker Mobile, LLC, founded in January 2001 by Geoff Walker, was a technical-marketing consulting firm specializing in touch screens & active digitizers, flat-panel displays & enhancements, and mobile computers. Walker Mobile provided consulting for consumer & commercial touch suppliers, touch-product OEMs, touch-screen material suppliers, companies involved in various aspects of touch IP, companies who were investigating whether or how to enter the touch market, and companies who were managing investments or acquiring companies in the touch industry. Walker Mobile's clients included more than 75 high-technology firms located in the US, Canada, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Client company size ranged from two-person start-ups to $30B corporations; client products included touch sensors, touch controllers, digitizers, displays, computers & peripherals, software, materials, manufacturing equipment, IP portfolio analysis & sales, litigation support, and market research.

In July 2012, Walker Mobile suspended full-time operations when Geoff Walker was recruited by Intel Corporation as a Senior Touch Technologist. Geoff's responsibilities at Intel include the following:

  • Lead touch technology, products, ecosystem development, and enabling strategy to deliver compelling user experiences on Intel-based computing and communications platforms.
  • Work closely with various business groups, technology and engineering teams, and Intel Capital to formulate and drive cross-Intel strategy on touch-related technology, product development, and industry enabling.
  • Continue appropriate industry-related activities such as SID involvement, speaking at touch conferences, and publishing objective technical articles that benefit Intel and the industry.

It is possible that at some point in the future, Walker Mobile will resume full-time operations. In the meantime, please feel free to make use of the 100+ feature articles, conference presentations, tutorials, white papers and book chapters authored by Geoff Walker on touch screens, displays and mobile computers that can be found on the “Published Material” page of this website. The majority of the feature articles on this website appeared in the following publications:


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